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                        Mold prevention is the best way to control mold growth in your home or building.
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Is Your Landlord Unconcerned & Uncaring on Your Apartment, Rental House or Condominium Mold Problems?

Landlords with mold-infested rental properties may have potential and substantial legal liability to tenants for such items as mold damage to tenants' health, medical bills for medical mold testing and treatment, loss of earnings because of mold problems, mold damage to tenants' clothing and personal effects, moving expenses, higher rent if tenants need to move to a mold-safe place, and for the costs of mold inspection, testing, and remediation of the rental units. You should seek out the advice of an attorney who specializes in landlord-tenant law or in environmental law. You also may consider using the Tenant Notices to Landlord about Mold, about which you can read on the rest of this page below.  You should also visit Mold Lawyer.

Get your landlord's attention and action!

Make your landlord start finding and fixing landlord mold infestation problems [that you and your family deserve] by using the 3 step    [3 separate notices if necessary] Tenant Legal Notices to Landlords about Mold after you have documented the mold infestation in your apartment, or rental house or condominium by using  do it yourself mold test kits or a Certified Mold Inspector.

Tenant Legal Notices to Landlords about Mold,
available from Mold Mart

These three different standard legal form, copyrighted mold legal notices are ready-to-use. Often, you will only need to complete and mail [certified mail with return receipt requested] the first legal form and legal notice: Tenant Legal Notice to Landlord: Mold Problems. You should also visit Mold Lawyer.

You simply fill-in your personal information [such as your name, rental property and unit address, your contact details, landlord name and address, and date]. You then attach as a Notice exhibit one of these 3 possible proofs of mold:

(1) your notes from self-observation of mold growth in the mold test kits during the 7 days after the date of testing;

(2) better yet, the written and signed report from the Mold Mart Mold Lab, analysis and mold identification of mold samples collected by you using our mold test kits and/or the Scotch tape lift tape mold sampling technique; or

(3) the best of all, from your Certified Mold Inspector, a written report as to his or her physical inspection of your rental unit, along with the written and signed report from the Mold Inspector Laboratory, International, Ltd., (Belize) , analysis and mold identification of mold samples collected by your inspector.

        If your landlord fails to comply with the very specific requests in your first legal notice [such as moving you temporarily at the landlord's expense to a mold-safe rental unit; paying for mold decontamination of your clothing and personal property; paying for effective, safe, and professional mold inspection, testing, and remediation; paying for mold medical testing and treatment of you and your family members; and paying for lost wages and salaries resulting from your mold sickness or illness], you can then decide to send your choice of these second and third legal notices [or send the third one after you have already mailed the second one, as may be necessary]:

Tenant Legal Notice To Landlord: Because of Your Failure To Do Mold
Inspection, Testing, & Remediation, I [We] Am/Are Withholding My [Our] Rent

Tenant Legal Notice To Landlord: Because of Your Failure To Do Mold
Inspection, Testing, & Remediation, I [We] Are Vacating

         All three legal notices are very strong in impact when

mailed via certified mail to your landlord.

If you so desire, you can re-type the notices in your computer word processing program in any way you require, add or subtract words and provisions, and have your own attorney customize the notices to fit any particular circumstances or special needs you have that are not covered to your satisfaction in these standard forms. All three notices contain unique clauses that will encourage your landlord to cooperate with you, rather than to resist fixing mold infestation problems.

The price for one set of all three forms is only $15.00 from Mold Mart.

To order, select your choice of payment method at the bottom of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: The set of Tenant Legal Notices to Landlord is sold only on a non-refundable basis because a few customers might photocopy the notices, and then return to us the purchased originals, and ask for an unjustified refund.

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