Toxic Black Mold Prevention
                        Mold prevention is the best way to control mold growth in your home or building.
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Black Mold Prevention

Learn all of the steps you can do in preventive maintenance and in building a new home or other building to prevent mold infestation problems by reading our new book Do-It-BEST-Yourself Mold Prevention, Inspection, Testing, & Remediation, available from Mold Mart. In addition, as a home owner or property owner, you should always checking for roof leaks, siding leaks, water intrusion into crawl spaces and basements, appliance leaks, and plumbing and sewer line leaks.

You should our do it yourself mold test kits every 3 to 6 months to check for elevated levels of airborne mold spores [in comparison to your outdoor mold control test]. You should do testing in your attic, basement, crawl space, every room, and every heating/cooling duct register [with air flowing outward and the system running on fan ventilation]. Mold maintenance and mold prevention are a year-round, forever concern for people who value their health and their property.